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Working with Americans: An Interactive Workshop

Target Group

Entrepreneurs, managers and junior executives who (are going to) deal or are going to deal with American clients and colleagues.



Sabrina Mallon-Gerland, independent management development and training consultant, specialising in cross-cultural issues in international business



1 day: 310,- Euro



09.00-17.00 h



Villa Rheinburg, Konstanz am Bodensee



Establishing and maintaining strong and constructive working relationships with American colleagues, customers and suppliers is becoming more and more important for business people in Germany - also for those working in small and medium-sized enterprises. Effective communication and co-operation can be achieved through a greater awareness of American values, assumptions, expectations, and business practices.



This course will enable participants to:

1. acquire a new, or renewed, understanding of American values and basic assumptions, and their effect on overall expectations, behaviour, approaches to management and teamwork, and communication style in business and organisational contexts,

2. influence more effectively their U.S. counterparts, in situations of both one-to-one communication and more formal group presentation,

3. determine specific goals and actions for handling their specific situations of difficulty, in working with Americans.



1. A Realistic a. Practical Cultural Perspective on the USA: The question of stereotyping: the "typical" American?; A demographic snapshot of USA 2001; The interaction of personality, organisational culture and national culture and Culture as different responses to universal questions

2. The First Key to Effectiveness/Recognising how we see each other: How Germans see Americans; How Ameri-cans see Germans and Consequences for how we respond to each other

3. The Essential Elements of the American Chemistry: Basic "Elements": Societal values and assumptions that affect business and professional life

4. Establishing Relationships of Trust: Do they mean what they say?: "Friendliness without friendship"

5. Expectations of Job, Career, Company, Boss: The professional 'self': identity and status; Individualism or individuality?and Co-operation in a competitive environment

6. Communication American Style: Frequency/feedback/flow; Directness and warmth; Optimism and confidence; The place of humour and emotional expression

7. Management and Teamwork with Your American Counterparts: Avoiding "groupthink," but remaining a "team player"; Orchestrated teamwork and co-operation; Equality under legitimate authority; Respect for hierarchy? -- Relationship to one's boss; Handling conflict, criticism, and disagreement

8. Working Effectively in Presentations, Meetings and Negotiations: Communicating comprehensibly and persuasively with Americans; Americans expectations and assumptions: Discuss? Debate? Decide? and Influencing a decision

9. Basic Guidelines in working effectively with Americans: General practice, etiquette, political issues, men and women at work

After the seminar, participants will be able to use The Delta Intercultural Academy to continue to expand their intercultural expertise. Visit it now to gain a first impression.